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We are building SCMB-1 to provide an experience of learning to show computing and its intricacy to the world.

Blow the CPU Up

We are breaking the CPU into unique sections to show a CPU running individual instructions


It will be laid out to aesthetically bring the viewer on a journey of computing discovery


Allow anyone to discover how a CPU takes our data and processes it.

The 3-D BreakOut

Our Project

Our mission is to challenge the standard 2-dimensional circuit board design of traditional general-purpose computers and create a one-of-a-kind artistic expression that doubles as a physical demonstration of the often unseen and unknown internal workings of modern computing. We aim to inspire creativity, curiosity, and a deeper understanding of the intersection between technology and art, ultimately transforming our little corner of the world into a slightly more beautiful and intellectually aware place.


A record of the things we talk about

Draft Proposal

March 24

Prototype Plan

April 6

Prototype Construction

April 15, 17, 18, 19

Proposal Assignments

April 26

Return From Summer

August 24


Staged Development of the processor

  • February 2023

    Work Begins

    We began planning this project, selecting the architecture, and researching the potential.

  • April 2023

    The Demo was Born

    We completed a 16 bit version of the final required ALU in the RISC-V project. With the many lessons learned we now look forward to future plans

  • July 2023

    Compiler Tests

    Daniel figured out how to compile C programs for RISCV that can use private libraries, standard libraries, and configure memory regions in the binary

  • image alt text

    September 2023

    Hardware Revision 1

    To allow for time to correct errors and improve designs, we will order the first set of PCBs in early September. This will allow us to test our communication protocols and early visual ideas, while preserving time to iterate on them.

  • September 2023

    Software Milestone 1

    By the end of September, we intend to be able to load a RISCV binary onto a blue pill and step through the instructions

  • image alt text

    September 2023

    Hardware Revision 2

    Having learned from the first revision and made improvements, we plan to order the second set of PCBs at the end of September

  • October 2023

    Hardware Revision 3

    By the third week of October, we will be prepared to order the final versions of our PCBs

  • October 2023

    Software Milestone 2

    By the end of October, Alex will have a minimal working GUI that can connect the compiler and the programmer with programs that were already written

  • November 2023

    Software Milestone 3

    By the middle of November, we will have a functioning game (likely Pong or Tetris) that can be loaded onto the project

  • December 2023

    Demo Day

    Much to the surprise of everyone involved, we will present our fully functional RISC-V processor

Our Team

Daniel Nelson

Hardware ALU and Register File; Software Compiler

Isaac Christensen

Memory, IO, and Programmer

Alex Guymon

Simulator and Processor Control

We are all seniors studying computer engineering at the University of Utah.